We make every effort possible to replicate the original color of the plate when it was issued by its respective state.


All rust and surface defects such as dirt, grime, stains, are removed. The plate is sanded, primed and 



If you have a particular plate in mind and can not find it, contact us and we will make every attempt to find one for you. We often base our fees on the condition of the plate (amount of rust, pitting, holes, dents and the like).


If you have a plate that needs painting, contact us and we will make arrangements to view it and give you a price quote. Obviously the cost of painting a license plate provided by a customer will be slightly less expensive than one that we find for you.


We make every effort to keep the cost of purchasing a plate as low as possible





We are often asked if we "modify" plates. Modify,  means generally, changing a particular color on the plate or altering the plate in some manner. For example we were requested to paint a 1955 Michigan plate from its original white on green to black on orange.


Our customer was a Harley Davidson fan and wanted a plate from the year and state he was born painted in the traditional Harley Davidson black and orange.


*See 'Detailing' regarding modifications if you plan to register your plate on your car.



We do work with missing parts from a license plate or try to replace the metal if at all possible. We will repair small dents or or other small defects. Bends are sometimes impossible to straighten.  Call us if you are unsure and we will help you with a decision.




Contact us if you have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your license plate after receiving it. Remember, not all of our license plates have a clearcoat on them.


Looking for a particular license plate? I highly recommend Bob Frank's site: Click the button below.