Restoring a license plate is 80-90%  preparation. When restoring a license plate, we bead blast (sandblast) it to remove all foreign debris such as paint, rust, cement, tar and the like.


The plate is repaired using a host of items for working with metal that last the duration of your plate regardless of the elements. 

Holes are filled, dents removed as much as possible, filler applied and primed.



We use the best paint we can find when restoring a plate. Dupont, Krylon, Rustoleum and other automotive finishes are just a few of the best we can offer.  Custom colors can be mixed for a slight cost increase.

One Shot enamel is used for the painting of numbers and letters. It's very resistant to all elements including fading or cracking. We do not use any other paint  for lettering and numbering. 

If you have any questions about the paint process, please feel free to ask us and we will do what we can to answer your questions to make your plate one of the finest.


No project can be completed without questions being asked. We can help you in many cases. If you cannot find a particular license plate we can help you. We have many sources who sell license plates. The research, locating and purchase of a particular license plate can be done.


No matter what the question is we will make every effort to get you the right answer. Even if you do not utilize our service, you can be sure we will help.

Regardless of the project, we will consult you on every necessary step before we move forward. We pride ourselves in always letting our customers know what is being done and notified of any adverse problems.

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